Monday, September 30, 2013

Tattoo Manufacturing Blog

Since I started fundraising for the 3-Day two years ago, I have been using temporary tattoos from a company called Tattoo Manufacturing.  They have great pricing, their pink ribbon tattoos look great, and the quality is outstanding.
I would give tattoos to anyone that made a donation, I gave them out on the walk, and when I sent camp mail to walkers this year, I included some tattoos.   And whenever I was doing anything related to breast cancer, I wore them all over my arms!  And this year, I even had custom tattoos made!

Well, a couple of weeks ago, Tattoo Manufacturing asked their facebook followers to post pictures of themselves with their tattoos, so I told them about my fundraising and sent in some pictures.  Not long after, they asked for my permission to write about my 3-Day involvement and post pictures in their blog!  Of course I said yes!  I felt honored to be recognized for my efforts and was happy to praise a company who's product I believe in.

You can check out the blog here: Tattoo Manufacturing Blog

And don't forget, if you ever need tattoos, including custom, I recommend them 100%!

And if you happen to have been redirected here from that blog, please consider a donation!  All donations are tax deductible!  To donate, please use the donate button to the right or click here.

Thank you Tattoo Manufacturing!  You Rock!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Meet the Rescue Hooters!

Walk or crew in 2013?  That was the question.  With walking, you can register pretty much whenever you want.  With crewing, however, especially if you want to be on a specific crew, you need to register ASAP.

Having become closer and closer over the past year, I decided I was going to ask my friend and co-worker Celena if she would crew with me.  She agreed without hesitation--one of the many traits I love about her!

We decided to try to get a coveted sweep van assignment, and we did!

Sweep van crews work in teams of two driving a commercial van up and down the route each and every day, all day, to pick up any walkers that need/want to be transported to the next pit stop.  Too tired?  Too sore?  Need a break?  Take a sweep van.

Although it's a lot of work, it's also a lot of fun, because you get to theme out your van and have fun with it!  There is, for example, a couple that always does a hippie van...they dress in tie dye and play 60s's great!  Last year there was also a Pirates of the Caribbean van and an Airline themed van, among others.

Brainstorming for a theme, Celena came up with RESCUE HOOTERS, a plumbing theme.  We aren't sure what we're going to do for costumes and decorations yet, but here is our logo:

My dad even had patches made for us in Thailand!

I'll keep you posted as we get closer to November!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

San Diego, 2012

I'll never forget Gina telling me that she would never walk 60 miles...or when she told me--after watching closing ceremonies--that she would.  I understood how closing ceremonies had changed her mind, and I couldn't wait to share the whole 3-Day experience with her.  I knew it would be an experience she would never forget.  Little did we know that we would end up walking to honor BOTH of her sisters, too...

One thing that Gina didn't change her mind about, though, was sleeping in a tent.  She never once considered it, and so she spent her nights at the local Hilton.  I, on the other hand, was just as happy to have a tent all to myself!  I love the tenting part...being in camp, showering in the trailer...all of it.

I was also happy that Gina did not have her heart set on walking every one of the 60 miles.  Many walkers pressure themselves into doing so, even though it is absolutely not necessary.  This time, we were gonna jump on sweep vans whenever we wanted, and eat when and where we wanted.  It was a good plan!

The 3-Day tradition!

Printing the credential is always exciting!

Day 1 Pre-walk breakfast.  She's tiny but she can EAT!

Community support along the entire route for all three days is AMAZING!

Gina meets the Melon Men!

Home sweet home!

Not the Hilton, LOL


Morning rainbow on Day 2

Lunch time dancing...a San Diego tradition


Our yummy lunch!

After day 2, we ditched camp and had Italian for dinner!  It was delish!


Another morning rainbow!

Gotta love the community support!

The cops volunteer their time to work the 3-Day!! cool chick!

Now that's what I call motivation!

 Even the animals get involved!

Holding area for closing ceremonies at Petco Park

Saluting the survivors

Survivor's Circle

Gina and her husband Steven

Two of the many reasons why I walk...


Please support breast cancer awareness, prevention and research.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Crewing in San Francisco

Overall, my first crew experience was FANTASTIC!  Although it wasn't perfect, I am definitely going to do it again!  And probably again!

I drove to San Francisco on Thursday, and since there was no place I needed to be until Thursday, I was able to take my time and enjoy the drive.

Thursday was the mandatory crew meeting, where we met our crew captain and our team mates.  We also learned more about safety and also how to put up the shelters that we would be using every day.

The next morning, I was up at 3am for a 4am call time.  No opening ceremonies for me this time...since we were pit one, we had to be set up and ready for the first walkers to arrive!

Pit stop crews basically have a commercial van and a moving van (or two) with all of their gear.  Each day, we have directions to our set up location, and we get there before sun up to start setting up.  The shelters that we use are HEAVY DUTY and they take the whole team to assemble and get upright.  Once the shelter is up, we start to decorate and wait for the food and ice to arrive (another delivery truck).  Once that arrives, we begin to prep and stage the food, as well as make sport drink.

Food at the pit stops stays pretty much the same at each walk...string cheese (the most popular), bananas, orange slices, peanut butter and jelly filled graham crackers (a walker favorite for sure), chips, salted nuts, water, and sport drink.

The first walkers arrive not too long after the route opens at 6:30, and we stay until the last walker has passed through.  There is a person on a bike that follows the last walker in and confirms that all the walkers are accounted for. Someone on each pit crew also counts the walkers coming into the pit, so that we have a general idea of how many walkers are left to come in.
Once everyone is through the pit, which is probably less than an hour, we begin breaking down all of the stuff we just set up!

The rest of the day is spent helping out in other areas of the walk.

 Stocked and ready for walkers!

By the time we were back at camp in the evening, I literally had just enough energy to eat my dinner before crawling into my sleeping bag.  I didn't even shower!  You're just that tired.  I decided it was much better to take one in the morning, since it would help me wake up...not to mention that the showers are deserted at 3 am!!


Before leaving for the walk, I had posted my picture on the San Francisco 3-Day Page and introduced myself to everyone, telling them that I would be at Pit One, and that I would love to meet them and hug them.  As promised, I had people walk up to me all weekend and introduce themselves to me...and HUG ME!  I loved it!!

On day 2, we set up at a park near the shore of the bay with a gorgeous view of the Golden Gate Bridge.  Watching the sun rise was amazing.

Although I lived in San Francisco/Marin for 5 years (and drove across the bridge almost every day), I had never walked across the bridge.  I decided it was time, and our captain was gracious enough to let those of us that wanted to walk the bridge do so.

The weather was uncharacteristically warm, and it was an awesome walk!


One of the most interesting parts of my crew experience was the interactions I had and observed with the rest of my team and captains.  There were some people who worked much harder than others, some people who should not have chosen to be on such a physically demanding crew (you are warned beforehand), and others who both worked hard and were lovely to be around.
Luckily for us, there were only a few bad eggs, and the rest of us stuck together and did our best to make up for the negativity and lack of work by the others.  

So happy to have met these two.  Can't wait to crew with them again!


Just like last year, the weekend seemed to fly by.  Day 3 was here, and it was time for closing ceremonies.  Although the closing ceremonies are similar every year, this fact does not diminish their power.  Every year, more women have been diagnosed.  More women have died.  It's a powerful realization. 

Seeing everyone in their victory shirts...grey for crew, white for walkers, pink for survivors...thousands united in one way or another by breast cancer....and all of them committed to doing something about's a life changing experience.

My victory shirt

 Relaxing and waiting for closing ceremonies

Motorcycle Safety Crew Hotties, Paul and Michael!

 At every closing, one shoe is raised in honor of those affected by breast cancer


To all of the new friends that I made this weekend, and to all of the ones I got to see again, thank you for 3 amazing days!

And although I know I've said it before, I'd like to thank Seth and the boys again for this opportunity.  It truly would not be possible without your support.